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Onewheel Athletes


Check out some of the best Onewheel Pro athletes on the planet! These riders spread the stoke and continue pushing the limits of what’s possible in this sport. Some of the athletes have focused on mastering curbs and parking blocks, while others enjoy killing the trails. There are athletes who use Flight Fins to launch themselves high above the ground and others who can do it all. There are both male and females out there who have become the best riders by expanding their comfort zones and don’t mind getting thrashed in order to progress their riding skills.  

You’ll find each of the riders below have their own unique riding styles and bag of tricks they specialize in. All of the Onewheel Pro athletes listed are veteran competitors of FloatLife Fest and Race For The Race events. Some are also champions in different event formats of both competitions, such as the street comp, dual slalom, and single track races. Although we are still very much in the early growth cycle of this sport, the athletes are one of the main driving forces helping the Onewheel community grow and develop into it’s full potential.

Riding Onewheel does not take any previous boardsport experience but many of the top athletes have some kind of familiarity with other sports such as skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, or other skills they have been able to transition over to riding Onewheel. We dedicate this page to the best Onewheel Pro athletes who make the sport exciting to watch and who have helped create a new boardsport we all love. 

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Brenden Schurmeier
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Andrew Williams
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